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What is marketing?

Put simply, Marketing is the process of creating relationships and engaging with your customers, and creating the right opportunity for them to buy your product or service.

Sounds simple, right?


Well, no.


Because these days consumers are demanding; they want A LOT more for their money.  They want engagement, they want to feel like they really know you and they want to trust you.  Like any relationship, this takes time to develop.

That means your marketing must resonate with your potential customer and nurture the relationship, gently steering them towards their purchase.

Current studies show that a customer needs on average 7 interactions or exposures to a brand before they make a purchase. They need to feel that you are an authority in your field, so you can be trusted. You to make them feel special, so they like you.

The customer journey starts with getting your branding spot on.

If you are new in business, this can be tricky, so a marketing specialist can guide you through the process asking questions such as:

  • If your brand were a person what would they be like? 

  • What pain or problem does your brand solve? 

  • Who would buy from you and why?

  • Who is your ideal customer? 

Branding is the beginning. Get it right and it can launch your business to great heights. Get it wrong and you may be finished before you even get out of the starting blocks.  A professional can help you avoid the pitfalls and save you heaps of stress, time and expense.

When it comes to getting your business in front of your customers, there are dozens of different marketing approaches from direct marketing to social media to exhibitions and many more. No business can rely on one approach to win customers.

With a comprehensive marketing review of where your business is right now, we, at Bob Marketing, can help you create a realistic marketing strategy and an actionable, measurable plan to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Want to know more?

Contact us for a free 'power half hour' chat about how you can ace your marketing in 2020.

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